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Dear Manager,
Congratulations and Welcome to the 2019 Junior League Softball Central Regional Tournament! You are bound for Indiana District 6 in Pendleton, IN where we look forward to hosting you and your team, as your summer continues in your quest for the Regional Title. The winner advances to Kirkland, Washington to play in the Junior League Softball World Series.
Below are links to our Tournament Packet and a Tournament Checklist to help you track the items to submit before we start tournament play. On the checklist are items of immediate/time-sensitive priority and others required at check-in on the first day of the tournament.
Road to Kirkland
Of utmost importance is your Tournament Affidavit Book. This must be reviewed and approved by the tournament director at every level of your tournament trail. The tournament director does not have the authority to allow a team to take the field if any required information for a team or player is missing from the affidavit book. Such situations must be referred to the Tournament Committee for ruling. For teams that have been through various levels of qualifying tournaments, the affidavit book review should be a formality as long as you have not removed any required information. If your team has advanced to the Regional on an advance without play waiver, your District Administrator must completely review your affidavit book and sign off on every player. You must also include the advance without play waiver in your affidavit book. If any manager has questions concerning acceptance of your affidavit book, contact our tournament director Jim Kemp at (765) 717-2454 or jkemp8312@comcast.net
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