Junior League Softball Central Regional Umpires
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#3 Jason Smith
Representing Indiana District 8 and Western Boone Little League
Jason lives in Lebanon, Indiana. He has been a Little League volunteer for over 30 years and umpire for 25.
Jason is umpiring his 5th Regional Tournament shared across two regions. He umpired the 2011 Major Baseball and 2016 Major Softball Tournaments in the West Region, and the 2019 Major Softball and 2022 Junior Softball Region Tournaments in the Central Region.
Jason had the honor of umpiring the 2017 Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
#5 George Spragens
Representing Kentucky District 5 and Marion County Little League
George resides in Lebanon, Kentucky where he serves as the UIC for Marion County Little League. He is a dedicated Little League Umpire of 27 years volunteering his services to both baseball and softball. He has served as a volunteer umpire for 16 Kentucky State Tournaments.
This is George’s 4th Central Region Tournament Assignment. George previously umpired the 2016 Major Baseball Tournament, 2017 Major Softball Tournament and the 2022 Intermediate Tournament.
#7 Paul Gave
Representing Michigan District 7
Paul lives in Marine City, Michigan. He has been a Little League volunteer since 2003 and the last 17 years as a Little League Umpire. Paul has umpired both baseball and softball Little League State Tournaments. This is Paul’s 1st Little League Regional assignment. His aspirations are to one day work the Little League Softball World Series.
#11 Chuck McDonough
Representing Iowa District 4 and Mahaska County American Little League
Chuck lives in Pella, Iowa and has served as a Little League Umpire since 1970 literally throughout the country umpiring Little League Baseball and Softball, all while serving his country in the United State Navy during the same time fulfilling over 25 years of active service. He has spent the last 20 years serving the Little Leagues of Iowa District 4 with the last 10 as Safety Officer.
He has an extensive list of tournaments through state finals over the years. This is Chuck’s 3rd Little League Regional assignment. He previously umpired the Major Girls Regional twice in Joplin, Missouri.
#13 Brian Lukasak
Representing Michigan District 7
Brian calls Marysville, Michigan home. He has been a Little League volunteer for 18 years and has spent the last 15 as a dedicated Volunteer Little League Umpire in five programs throughout Michigan District 7.
Brian has umpired at many local and state tournaments. This is Brian’s 1st Little League Regional assignment!
#17 Scott Rakowski
Representing Indiana District 8 and Lebanon Little League
Scott calls Lebanon, Indiana home. He has been a Little League Volunteer for 20+ years and a Little League Umpire for 14 years.
Scott is umpiring his 2nd Little League Regional Tournament. He had the pleasure of umpiring the 2021 Major Girls Central Regional Softball Tournament in Whitestown, Indiana.
#54 Jim Gleason
Representing Michigan District 9 and Sparta Little League
Jim resides in Sparta, Michigan. He has been a Little League Volunteer and Umpire since 1993 when his son had a game and there were no umpires. He volunteered to umpire the game, and 30 years later, he is still going strong umpiring baseball and softball. Jim has served the past 16 years as UIC for Sparta Little League.
Jim is umpiring his 8th Central Regional Tournament. He has umpired 4 Junior Regional and 3 Senior Regional Softball Tournaments including the 2022 Senior Regional Tournament.
#68 David Miller
Representing Ohio District 1
David resides in Andover, Ohio. He has been a Little League volunteer for 17 years and the last 15 as a Volunteer Little League Umpire. David has been a high school umpire for the last 9 years.
David is umpiring in his 1st Little League Regional Tournament!
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